НОВО Наколенки на Stoic в България


Неопреновите наколенки на Stoic са вече в България


Top tier knee sleeves are made with top tier neoprene and that is true for both SBD and Stoic knee sleeves. Sporting high grade 7mm neoprene, you can trust both brands will provide joint protection, warmth, and stability you can rely on.In addition to the high grade 7mm neoprene, Stoic knee sleeves sport inner non-slip panels to keep the sleeve from sliding during heavy squats. This means no more sliding even when wearing sweats or compression pants.


Купи SBD

Stoic knee sleeves are machine cut to precise specification. We make sure to hit the specs because we know your gear matters. A centimeter lost in your gear could mean the difference between a PR and failing.


The stitching in knee sleeves is the number one failure point when it comes to knee sleeves. The threading will begin to fray and ultimately start ripping at the seams.


Stoic knee sleeves have use patent pending stitch welds that does not puncture through both sides of the neoprene which dramatically reduces the chances of failure. The stitches have been shown to be so strong that the neoprene will give out way before the stitching does.



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