Borislav Adov

Купи SBD

Купа България в Дупница беше преди няколко седмици, но все пак решихме да го публикуваме и тук.

Ето какво сподели във инстаграм Борислав:

During the weekend I was competing at the RAW nationals in Dupnica.
The meet was kinda OK, taking into account the long wait between the attempts…

I was competing in the 93kg (205 lbs) class and manage to grab the gold!
Squatted 270kg/ 595lbs in my second attempt, did’t bother for the third.
Benched easy 205 kg/ 452 lbs and pulled 300kg/ 661lbs… almost got 307,5kg but unfortunately I could lock due to pain in my waist.
Anyway I got total of 775kg/ 1708 lbs.

Wanna tank my friends from Animal Gym for spotting and supporting me during the competition.

Това са трите му най-добри опита от държавния шампионат, клекна с 270кг, на вдигането от лег направи 205кг и тяга 300кг за трибой от 775кг.