500 best lifters

This is the manuscript entitled “500 Best Lifters of All Time (as of December 31, 1988)” compiled by Herb Glossbrenner and Peter Kravtsov almost 30 years ago.

Unfortunately, we never published it. Now, finally, I сan at least scan it and show it to those who might be interested in weightlifting history and statistics

I scanned it in two parts – the first part (1 of 2) are pages 1 through 53 (weight classes 52 kg through 75 kg); the second part (2 of 2) is the rest of the manuscript, pages 54 through 103 (weight classes 82.5 kg through +110 kg).

Купи SBD

I hope I can find a way to digitize this manuscript and update it with statistics through 1992 (the year when the weight classes had been changed and both Herb and I left weightlifting for powerlifting). Until then – enjoy this one-of-a-kind collectors’ item, complete with my (barely legible) handwritten notes.

Peter Kravtsov

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